Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Delving head first into Lent: SUGAR FREE

its me
I've got a sweet face and a sweet personality and a sweet tooth. But since moving to Spain last October its evolved into a small addiction to sugar. I went from never having snacks in the house to hoarding chocolate and eating it for lunch...eating spoonfuls of Nocilla from the tub with reckless abandon and more and more cakes a day. I ate so much sugar my teeth hurt and I think I almost turned into a giant iced bun. And so for lent I've given up naughty treats and added sugar including: chocolates, cakes, ice cream, fizzy drinks, honey, jams and sugar in tea/coffee/porridge.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Carnaval in La Rinconada, Seville

In the UK this time of year usually revolves around Valentine's Day and pancakes. But this weekend Valentine's day barely even registered with me as in Andalucia, it is CARNAVAL!!!

I have a couple of friends currently experiencing Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. But who needs Rio when only 20 minutes away from Seville is the small town of La Rinconada!?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Oh Granada, Oh Granada!

HI GRANADA! can you spot the Allyhallyambra?
This weekend I ran away from Seville and finally made it to Granada and spent two days living the Andalucian DREAM!!!

Cycling from Seville to La Rinconada

The duchess and I went on our first Grand Adventure today. (The Duchess is the name of my bike....its hasn't caught on yet - most people still simply call her "your bike" - but I've committed to the name so I'm going to back myself and keep using it). We've been on a couple of small adventures around town but today we decided to plunge ourselves into the exciting new world of intercity travel and I cycled to work!!!

Typing about this experience is more difficult than usual as my body is in complete melt down. I feel like my bones are crying. I am living in Seville but I work in a park in La Rinconada. The park is 12km away from my house: I know this, because my workmate measured the cycling distance on her phone. This is the same young lady who cycled to work last week and told me that the journey wasn't that hard. She strolled into work one morning, bicycle in tow, bright eyed with windswept hair and rosy cheeks. I asked her if she was okay and she said "I feel amazing." I looked at her and thought to myself "I want to feel amazing! I want to have windswept hair!". So yesterday after much deliberation I decided that today was The Day that I started my journey towards becoming the cycling goddess that I've always dreamed of being.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Shopping in Seville: Flea Market, Calle Feria, Seville

Sunny Flea Market, Seville
One thing I never got to do during my last trip to Seville was visit the weekly flea market on Calle Feria. Its held every Thursday morning but, of course, I worked on Thursday mornings so was never free. One Thursday I did unwittingly wonder that way after work, and a little old man who was packing up the last of his stall yelled at me (in English) "YOU'RE TOO LATE GIRL!!!!" and then cackled. I was totally confused because I didn't know about the market and couldn't work out what he was referring too...

Friday, 23 January 2015

Me, Myself and my bike

Dear friends/family/fans,

Today has been in important day in my personal development. This afternoon, I waddled into town and bought myself a bicycle. I bought my bicycle second hand, and when I bought it, I also bought a bicycle lock (to protect the bicycle) and a helmet (to protect my gorgeous face) and thrown in with the package I got a free bell! My bicycle is pink and white so that everybody who sees me riding it knows I'm a girl. My helmet is blue, because even though my I have a pink bicycle, I'm not girly. My bell as a bunny rabbit on it so I don't get lonely on my long cycle rides!!

I bought my bicycle at the same time as my New Friend. Apparently in Seville there is a massive flea market where you can buy very cheap bicycles that have been stolen off people. I didn't want any bad karma as I've only just arrived in Spain, so we stuck to our morals and went to a real shop where they had all sorts of wonderful bicycles that we assume aren't stolen. After shopping my New Friend cycled home and I had to stay in town. I was too scared to ride my bicycle at that point, so I wheeled it down the street with my blue helmet hanging off the handle and a smile on my face. I propped it up against a wall and took a photo to send to my fans. When I met a friend for coffee, I kept my bicycle close by the table, tucked safely away so nobody could hurt it. I love my new bicycle.